New Zealand occupies a kind of wild card status on our map of all inhabited and navigable worlds: too far away to be one of the obvious superstars on a travel bucket list, but somehow also so close to the restless hearts of all travel fanatics that we definitely have to green-light a big New Zealand adventure.

The CURVES universe is actually just like the world itself: in addition to the big, epic journeys through countries and sometimes even half a continent, we also have a (not so) secret soft spot for the small islands that await us like jewels in the sea

Anyone undertaking a 5,700-kilometer drive through Chile and Argentina is almost certainly not expecting “CURVES” to be the defining element of their trip. Nevertheless, the title of our magazine is not entirely inappropriate when traversing Patagonia from north to south.

CURVES takes to the road in Malaysia. It feels like an alien planet, eons away from our headquarters in Munich, Germany. But maybe we are the alien planet, with our Alpine passes, annual average temperature of 10 degrees, average humidity of 75 percent. But maybe Malaysia is normal, with its jungle and oceans, average temperatures of over 28 degrees and almost 90% humidity. – You could argue one way or the other.

Here’s roughly how the logbook of the CURVES trip described here reads: we trace the green border of Eastern Germany from Bavaria to Saxony, passing from Free State to Free State through the Bavarian Forest and Thuringia, through the Fichtelgebirge and Erzgebirge regions, from the Isar to the Elbe. After our long journeys in Europe’s northern climes, we are looking fulfill the dream of a little excursion into a picture-postcard world.

Norway. This western outpost of Scandinavia holds a magical attraction for many people. This issue of CURVES drives straight to the heart of the country’s majestic natural wonders and mysteries. Our stated aim is to find out what Norway is really like.

CURVES Switzerland. What magical a reunion with this unique country in the heart of Europe, which is always been synonymous with “the mountains” and, more especially, with “Gran Turismo” – crossing the mountains between north and south in an exercise in which the route itself becomes the reward.

Iceland: the volcanic island half-way to Greenland is a place filled with longing, great natural beauty, extreme weather and wonderful secrets. That’s exactly why this trip to Iceland makes the perfect fit for the CURVES series: wanderlust and magical experiences, as well as sheer driving pleasure, are what provide the impetus for following the rhythm of the CURVES beat.

If you had to describe Portugal in one word, it would have to be: contrasts. Modern and traditional, dynamic and slow-paced, rich and rustic, Atlantic and mountains, damp and dry, cool and hot.

Southern Germany actually doesn’t exist – at least not as one landscape. Not as one unit. The former great powers of Europe clawed at Baden, Swabia and Bavaria so much that the folk didn’t have time to rally themselves – or even to figure out a shared identity.

However, this issue of CURVES, an amazing four-stage tour through Thailand, changes things quite markedly for the first time. What you’re holding in your hands is the first Asian issue of CURVES.

The moment of departure is always like seeing our planet anew: you never know what might happen, what adventures may unfold. It’s wonderful that we experience this so often, every day in fact.

Majorca is out-of-the-way and complex, sublime and rugged, abundant and full of energy. The roads are among the best that asphalt has to offer ...

From Emden to Hamburg and Skagen, Copenhagen, Lübeck to Rügen

The most beautiful passes from Ponte di Legno to Venice including the Dolomites

Scotland is not exactly one of the most glamorous destinations in the world. It’s isolated, terribly difficult to reach, and has weather ...

Season´s starting - March in southern italy.
The Targa Florio Island.

It took five editions of CURVES before we were confident enough to go for the mother of all road trips...

From Reute, our journey takes us along the Austro-Italian border as far as Slovenia across the most spectacular Alpine classics. Our destination this time is Triest …

Under the heading Cool Guys, Cool Art and Cool Curves - as of April, the new CURVES will be leaping across the Pyrenees.

With a Porsche 906 and a Lamborghini Miura. Revised and 24 pages added.

Completely re-photographed. NEW: 32 pages Making of. The legendary road from Lausanne to Nice on no less than 256 pages ...