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Norway. This western outpost of Scandinavia holds a magical attraction for many people. This issue of CURVES drives straight to the heart of the country’s majestic natural wonders and mysteries. Our stated aim is to find out what Norway is really like. We’re extremely confident that we’ve succeeded in doing just that: capturing the strangely moving beauty of the fjords and mountains, while also revealing the startling vastness. We should issue a small piece of advice for CURVES Norway here: don’t make the mistake of assuming that the spectacular scenes of the trip are easy to experience or that they are concentrated in a specific area. The long straight roads and hard-won miles between sensations are also part of what makes Norway. This is a country for advanced travellers. Wanderlust and a search for pure driving pleasure atuned to the beat of the CURVES rhythm, will be satisfied here. By the way, as drivers who measure things in terms of sports car categories, we realize one thing: here in Norway the car, that magical machine of freedom, is the only way to reach the most beautiful spots. Norway is so huge that almost nothing is possible without a car. Cyclists would need impossibly long legs get anywhere, and motorcyclists would have to have buns of steel. However you decide to undertake the journey, experience Norway with us now. Soulful driving.