Curves - Soulful Driving is an enthusiasts magazine produced in high quality for people who are passionate about driving cars, riding motorbikes or cycling and are in search of pleasure and adventure on the road. People who want to escape the day-to-day routine and would like to fulfil an exclusive dream. It is magazine for people delight in celebrating the planning of a journey. It is for the enthusiasts and for the true believers who experience the journey in their mind before immersing themselves in the adventure itself.

  • The concept of Curves - Soulful Driving consists of unique photographs of mountain passes and curves combined with a five-day road movie storyboard that offers the reader possibility experiencing the journey from the viewpoint of two principal characters before he sense of on the journey himself. What makes chasing mountain peaks so fascinating? The French writer Albert Camus, writing on the subject, said: “the struggle towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus to be a happy man.“ This is why Curves - Soulful Driving is also the story about experiencing this happiness. And it is always accompanied by friendship. Why else would we begin a journey? To get to know ourselves better. And the best way to do that is with a friend.

  • A curve is the most sensual way of connecting two points – and to a certain extent it is also the most realistic. Whoever sets a goal will almost never achieve it by taking the shortest route. If all our wishes became true at once – we would feel cheated along the way. Driving teaches us to live in the present. And whoever lives in the present is happy. So join us in search of the flow, that timeless, spiritual level of being, where cause and effect for a moment are unimportant, and where only the moment counts.