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New Zealand occupies a kind of wild card status on our map of all inhabited and navigable worlds: too far away to be one of the obvious superstars on a travel bucket list, but somehow also so close to the restless hearts of all travel fanatics that we definitely have to green-light a big New Zealand adventure. When viewed from a distance, it is possible that the charm of these islands between Australia and Antarctica simply lies in their location on the edge of the seemingly endless expanse of the South Pacific. The world really does end here. Here the day is already over when it is just beginning in other places in the world. Admittedly, that fact alone may make it irresistibly attractive to people with the travel bug: “Let’s drive as far as we possibly can.”

Naturally, we cannot escape the insatiable draw of this wanderlust, but that’s not really what CURVES is all about. CURVES embodies a search for the moment and the beauty that is found in the here and now. It’s all about immersing yourself in the flow. We discovered all of this in New Zealand: gigantic moments drawn from  heroic sagas and subtle moments of gentle beauty. Our travels brought us experiences of indescribable beauty and dense monotony. Moments of silent introspection were followed by periods of passionate exuberance. This is what we call soulful driving. Join us in New Zealand. Discover Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, with CURVES.