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Elevation and route profiles of an entire stage and five stages by courtesy of MairDumont  (Marco Polo)
Map material with over 120 photos

- Format: 21 x 28 cm
- 256 pages
- Soft cover, cellophane-wrapped
- Over 299 photos
- 6 MairDumont maps

Bilingual book in German and English

  • Curves California, 256 pages + 32 PAGES MAKING OF: highways in California are temples dedicated to the urge to travel and high altars to conquering distance. In addition, there is the vastness that sends you into a mind-blowing trance you have never experienced before. A wild and adventurous land of untamed natural beauty. Rugged landscape. The sun on your face. The smell of dust from the West, the salt of the Pacific, the green of the forests and the sudden realisation that it is not only the magic of the curves that makes driving what it is, but also the Cinemascope view of the changing landscape and the sheer breathlessness of being on the road.