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Höhen & Streckenprofile der Gesamtetappe und fünf Etappen mit MairDumont (Marco Polo)
Kartenmaterial mit über 120 Abbildungen

- Format: 21 x 28 cm
- Fascinating photo coverage of the most beautiful roads of Sicily
- Pictures partly taken from the helicopter
- Well-known perfect route recommendations and sightseeing tips
- A big dose of race sport and culture
- Lean back, buckle up, browse – and enjoy!
- Including 5 overview maps and 4 height profiles
- 30 page view behind the scenes
- poster with route maps and collage, printed both-sided, upright 380 × 540 mm

Bilingual book in German and English

  • Scotland is not exactly one of the most glamorous destinations in the world. It’s isolated, terribly difficult to reach, and has weather that can only be forecast as changeable. Yet, there is a certain charm in its authenticity and ruggedness, a charm that has an irresistible pull, particularly on friends of soulful driving. The Scottish Highlands are quintessential CURVES – not because of an uncompromisingly high corner-to-total-miles ratio, but because this is where magic lives. Because dramatic landscapes and the pull of driving dynamics form an intense bond that evolves into a hypnotically additive character after just a few miles. Scotland is a compelling candidate for CURVES. For soulful driving. So let’s go.