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Here’s roughly how the logbook of the CURVES trip described here reads: we trace the green border of Eastern Germany from Bavaria to Saxony, passing from Free State to Free State through the Bavarian Forest and Thuringia, through the Fichtelgebirge and Erzgebirge regions, from the Isar to the Elbe. After our long journeys in Europe’s northern climes, we are looking fulfill the dream of a little excursion into a picture-postcard world.

We thought long and hard about the purpose of the trip. Should it be billed as a journey to Germany’s borderlands? A ride through the largely unknown mountain regions of Eastern Germany? A journey from west to east or south to north? – Somehow no label really fits. That’s exactly why we don’t spend too much time on where the journey is going, but rather on how. That’s our passion. That’s why we’re here. It is also the secret behind the landscapes of Eastern Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony – forests, river valleys, plains and mountains. So, why not join us on this journey through the new and always wonderfully old federal states? Discover the unknown for the first time and rediscover the well-known all over again. The beauty of this journey lies not in an action-packed plot, but above all in the details and the forward movement fueled by childlike curiosity. Enjoy the moment with us. With CURVES. Soulful driving.