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Anyone undertaking a 5,700-kilometer drive through Chile and Argentina is almost certainly not expecting “CURVES” to be the defining element of their trip. Nevertheless, the title of our magazine is not entirely inappropriate when traversing Patagonia from north to south. Challengingly winding mountain pass roads through the Andes guarantee moments of pure driving pleasure, a familiar feeling from the Alps or other mountain terrain. But of course this issue fits perfectly with the previous issues of CURVES that have focused on epic long-distance journeys: after the Rocky Mountains, Iceland or Thailand we now find ourselves on a globetrotting pilgrimage through the extreme south of the Americas. This journey marked the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream and we hope that our account will awaken an ambition to travel among our readers, a yearning for a world in which majestic nature reveals itself in breath-taking variety and where the hundreds of kilometers play the role of the main protagonist. This trip is best explained with the CURVES motto: soulful driving. On the move and in the flow in heart-stopping landscapes at the ends of the earth, adventure and experience at its purest. This issue is intended to whet your appetite for your own personal journey, but also tells a story that stands in its own right, a beautiful dream. Soulful driving in Patagonia.