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Iceland: the volcanic island half-way to Greenland is a place filled with longing, great natural beauty, extreme weather and wonderful secrets. That’s exactly why this trip to Iceland makes the perfect fit for the CURVES series: wanderlust and magical experiences, as well as sheer driving pleasure, are what provide the impetus for following the rhythm of the CURVES beat. Because Iceland’s energy comes from wind, water and the fire of the earth, we were even able harness these forces to cover some stages of our journey: infrastructural investment by the freethinking Icelanders means that it is getting easier and easier to choose to travel by electric car – you’ll find more information in the “Backstage” pages of this issue.Each issue in this series has its own particular character, but the trip to Iceland is certainly a very special highlight: the sheer number of incomparably dramatic photographs tell stories of overpowering, wonderful, magical and tranquil moments, helping us put together this volume. Join us to experience a real firework of emotions along the orbital route that encompasses Iceland. We travel up to the western fjords, to the extreme east and to the volcanoes in the south. Come with us on an amazing and moving journey and open your mind to every moment of this unique trip: soulful driving with CURVES in Iceland.