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The CURVES universe is actually just like the world itself: in addition to the big, epic journeys through countries and sometimes even half a continent, we also have a (not so) secret soft spot for the small islands that await us like jewels in the sea. It is clear that after the fast rides through the mountains of Sicily and over the winding roads of Mallorca, Corsica was bound to be another Mediterranean destination: Corsica is not just highly accessible by ferry, but also has the most demanding routes to offer, as well as areas of unspoiled natural beauty. At least so we thought in our very pragmatic way when we were still following the map with our fingers in preparation for the trip.

We are still amazed at how breathtakingly beautiful, profound and intense the journey across this fascinating island really was. We have certainly seen an extraordinary amount of beauty on our CURVES forays throughout the world, but Corsica has easily pushed itself into first place on our list of small, fine curve tours. That’s the simple truth. No drama, drum rolls or fanfares – just a wonderfully authentic character. The island has an almost indescribable long-lost charm and an open handshake full of undisguised honesty that can move you to tears. “Soulful Driving” – the CURVES motto became our mantra on Corsica.