They go by the name of Mille Miglia, Targa Florio or Carrera Panamericana and are true cathedrals of the full-throttle cult. In their current formats, however, the focus is no longer on the final result of the race, but on what it’s really all about. And what is that? It’s about the spirit of racing. It’s about the fundamental nature of a time when people still careered over the mountains at breakneck speed and made history in the process. In Mexico, for example, during the race that took competitors from the Guatemala border all the way north on open roads to Ciudad Juarez: the Carrera Panamericana. More than one legend was created here between rainforest and desert, and Porsche still names what is probably its most famous model after this race. And has every reason to do so.

  • (c) Photos: David Steca