In these few days of tranquillity and quiet reflection, when the last Alpine pass has finally fallen into a deep winter sleep and you’ve found a cosy spot in front of the fireplace, it’s a good time to look back and meditate on some of the things you’ve experienced over the past few months. What this means in 2018 is that you end up swiping through your smartphone photo albums of the past year until your swipe finger starts aching – and you’ve not even reached Easter! Other people need an entire lifetime to cover the distance we travel in just 365 days. But there’s no doubt about it – the work-drive-balance is pretty good!


The year 2018 got off to a tremendous start with some rip-roaring Skijöring on the snow and ice covering Lake St. Moritz – with a Porsche 911 S/T and the new GT2 RS as the fun-loving, dare-devil duo on the Alpine ski carousel. This coming year, incidentally, Grand Prix racing on ice is returning to Zell am See. Then it was off to Geneva, where Porsche presented its idea of the car of the future. We had produced the images and videos for the new electric sports car and in our opinion this tea house on wheels looks great! From the car show, we then took off, heading far north, where we were given the opportunity of presenting an exhibition entitled "Porsche on Tour" together with Designliga. Back in the Alps, we took part in the Dunlop Super Drive, before congratulating Porsche on its anniversary with our new book "Cars & Curves" – and then organised a short, but sweet anniversary drive over the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. We can’t get enough of that brilliant film by David Zu Elfe, by the way, and still watch it in heavy rotation. And wherever we were on the Grossglockner, we recorded the images and interviews for the second book in our photo book series “Porsche Drive – Pass Portraits" – "Grossglockner High Alpine Road" has been available now for some weeks, with the texts once again written by our hairpin specialist of long-standing, Jan Karl Baedeker. 


The birthday party continued with a trip to our friends from the Porsche Club Iceland, before joining some super sports car enthusiasts on two Porsche 918 tours through the Black Forest and the Dolomites. This was followed by a local event – for the first German edition of Luftgekühlt, we gave Patrick Long, Jeff Zwart and the Porsche team support in networking and selecting the cars. We then found ourselves on a flight to Laguna Seca for the Porsche Rennsport Reunion, where Porsche resurrected the 935, and finally ended up visiting an autumnal Mallorca for the production of the tenth edition of Curves, one we are particularly satisfied with. After two private excursions – since we have to make sure our tyres don‘t cool down – and some glorious track days with the Munich Gentleman Drivers, we’ll be packing our bags once again to soak up some sun and take in the smell of fuel just before Christmas in Bangkok at "Das Treffen 3" event, the Porsche reunion in Thailand. And we already have a resolution for next year – to finally get out into the fresh air again! 


On this note, we would like to wish all those friends of the curves we love endless pleasure driving your Porsches and other frequent travellers a wonderful Christmas and a great drift into the New Year.