But those who now sense a rehashed reproduction of an old topic, don’t despair: we don’t make it that simple for ourselves. As always, first and foremost, we are looking for self-satisfaction – so we certainly wouldn’t settle for a premeditated new edition. We drive again, we experience again, and we collect entirely new images and impressions. CURVES is not a concept, it’s a desire. We return to the Dolomites again and again, even without a camera. We pop in to Stelvio to make sure everything’s okay, we surf over the Timmelsjoch, or we roll around the Tre Cime. When the passes open in springtime until late autumn, the CURVES crew follows the call of Italy. The mountains constantly show themselves from a different side: With every visit, the sun or rain, heat or cold, light or dark turn the land into something entirely new, something special. Perhaps this is precisely what we want to capture: that the mountains, seemingly unchanged for millions of years, are extremely dynamic. And in the end you always add yourself to the mix. You’re always in the luggage. Always new and always different. This has a deep impact in the production of CURVES. Perhaps our attentive readers will notice that, between our last trip to the Dolomites and the most recent, there has been a shift in perspective: We’ve travelled and showcased Scotland, Sicily, the USA, the Pyrenees – and with these images in mind, we were able to see the Alps, our most beloved mountains, with totally new and different eyes. It was like coming home after a long journey around the world.

  • Perhaps the ambience of this year’s Dolomite sojourn down to Venice was transformed by the preferred means of transport: In the uncompromising Porsche 911 GT3, everything is simply more direct and unfiltered, the purist in Porsche’s model range turns mountains and pass roads into a merciless experience, while also adding its very own strong flavour, which catapults us very, very directly into each and every corner. We would like to thank Porsche for the chance to travel in this spectacular car.

  • We sincerely hope that the fans of the first CURVES trip to Italy are also ready to embrace this new perspective, one which once again blew us away in the production. The far north of Italy has an enchanting aura of Mediterranean sultriness, the sensuous, fragrant, chaos of nature and, at the same time, the imposing character of the mountains. At night, the Alps here seem to dream of a vacation at the Mediterranean: To just once swap glaciers for Gelati, just once dip stony feet into the warm waters of the Adriatic. Pure passion soars from the mosquito-infested rice marshes of the Po plain, becomes fired up by the drama of a Verdi opera, and lands with a theatrical flourish in the towering crags of the Dolomites. Nothing against the tough, wild mountains of Switzerland, or the majesty of the French Alps, but the snarling-fanged wrath of Marmolada, Rose Garden and the Tre Cime has a terrifying beauty of its own. On our journey we tried to follow the layers of the Dolomites and the Trentino: from the Mediterranean, across the plains, to the humid green foothills of the mountains. Travelling through fertile valleys up to the first saddles and on into the mighty mountains with their expansive landscapes. Then the merciless stone-hearted summits. Interestingly, this world is reflected in its inhabitants: Even if, for long-standing, harsh reasons, the South Tyroleans and the inhabitants of Trentino always somehow feel like people caught between the worlds, rejecting Rome’s Italy, there is still a great deal of the south in their souls. Anyone who has experienced this alluring character of the Italian Alps is compelled to return over and over again. Just like us.