Surf's up on Sylt - the 2019 Petro-Surf Festival - an air-cooled Porsche event water-cooled by rain. Even with the weather as bad as it was - temperatures varying around 14 degrees Celsius with high winds, rain and low, menacing clouds the 2019 Petro Surf Festival can be deemed a great success. Brainchild of surfer, Porsche enthusiast and Sylt Native - Ken Hake - like most things the festival originated as an idea being bounced around over a bottle of beer.

  • - He asked himself how to bring some of the Lufgekhult and Wheels and Waves spirit to the North coast of Germany? - says Vince Perraud, photographer and Ken's long-time friend. The solution was easy. Organise a festival with driving, surfing, good food and great music in one of Germany's most beautiful seaside resorts. Add in a photoshoot by Vince and Bob's your uncle. A brilliantly simple idea which to the delight of the participants quite quickly became a reality. There's a laid back, egalitarian atmosphere here. The prevailing rules are: no rules and no business cards. The motto is: it's all about the people. And it is quite true. The organizer, the participants are the nicest, most welcoming crowd you can imagine. Maybe it's to do with the festivals' context. Unlike other one-make clubs, which can sometimes be rather dull, creative people who embrace the surfing and skating culture and modify their Porsche's accordingly, who are limited only by their imagination are the sort of bunch you'd like to hang out on a weekend.

  • Fotos: Vince Perraud. Text: Błażej Żuławski