Eye candy is what the Americans say when they describe those bright and shiny classic cars that could also be seen in their hundreds in Stuttgart at the Retro Classics. There they stand, polished to immaculate perfection: a Porsche 911 E from 1971, a Mercedes 190 SL from 1958, a VW Beetle from 1967, and more Porsches, and even more Mercedes.

  • But also a Lamborghini Espada from 1970 standing proudly between them and a Ferrari 512 from 1972. Many of them are now to be seen in the showrooms of Europe‘s largest classic car dealers, and the longer the Retro Classics is held, the more important this show will become as a key event in spring. This will also be true for the professionals. The bright sunshine and increasing temperatures will attract classic car fans onto the streets and for those who have not yet acquired their little beauty sporting an H (for historic) behind the car’s registration number can still hope to find a real bargain. But it’s becoming more and more difficult. Even in Stuttgart. And the kind of thing that is still heard today at the sight of a beautiful old Mercedes is: ”I had one like that. I should never have sold it. Today it would be worth...“ Yes, today it would probably be worth quite a lot. So we now have two options. We can repeat what we said last year: it is better to live your classic dream today, since the return on your investment is guaranteed. Both emotionally and financially. On the other hand you can simply enjoy the eye candy you come across at the shows. That’s also nice. And it doesn‘t cost anything to look. Apart from the entrance fee, of course.

  • (c) Matthias Wetzel • Fotos: Stefan Bogner