48 curves. 2,757 metres in altitude. Immeasurable experience. The Alpine pass roads are amongst the marvels of architectural history. Built over dizzying chasms and along craggy rock faces, they wind their way through steep switchbacks to icy heights. Motorists, motorbike riders and racing cyclists dream of these mountain curves as the ultimate challenge. Of all the Alpine passes, the Stelvio Pass is perhaps the most revered. Constructed in the early 19th century by the brilliant master builder Carlo Donegani on behalf of the Austrian monarchy, the Stelvio Pass Road is cherished today as the most audacious and sinuous road in the Alps. Early motorists felt as if they were driving in the Himalayas. And today? This pass has been voted “the greatest driving road in the world” – for everything on wheels. A visually stunning and unique homage. Available: 14th october

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