The 904, its full name „Porsche 904 Carrera GTS“, was a special Porsche model in many ways. Due to Ferdinand Porsche‘s unique design, the sports car is affectionately called „Butzi’s masterpiece“ and many still count it among the most appealing road racing cars ever. In 1963 the Porsche 904 was brought to life in a record-breaking six months - including the time for development. And this is just one of the reasons that made the car a flagship of innovation.

• Everything about the genesis and the success story of the Carrera GTS
• Masterpiece of Porsche design: steel ladder-chassis combined with a fibreglass body
• Racing car and road vehicle: popular rarity among Porsche fans
• Numerous racing successes from 1964 to 1967
• Illustrated book with extravagant slipcase: high-quality gift box for Porsche enthusiasts
• with textbook

  • Much sought-after racing classic

    For the homologation as a racing car, about 100 Porsche 904 were licensed as road vehicles and sold to private customers. The demand was so strong that the car soon became a highly exclusive rarity. The unique look of the Porsche design and the combination of technical innovations and low production costs added to the cult status of the Porsche 904 that lasts to the present day.

    Texts by Jürgen Lewandowski and photos by Stefan Bogner, two renowned Porsche experts, build a monument to the Carrera GTS to make it come out of the shadows of its famous brothers. Immerse yourself in a fascinating chapter of Porsche history!