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  • You could be excused for thinking that indifference abounds in the wake of routine. And while that may unfortunately be true for the occasional unloved day-to-day duty, we are thoroughly relieved that, in the making of CURVES, things are completely different: with “CURVES Austria“, we have now reached the fifth edition of what has become a bookazine with almost cult status that focuses on the fascination of the very best winding roads on the planet and, even so, we continue to get more ideas on how we could combine photos, text and overall presentation into a more harmonised whole and how the introduction of new aspects could enable us to better express the CURVES philosophy of soulful driving

  • It comes as is no surprise, therefore, that we are immensely proud of our CURVES, and the edition on Austria is no exception. On over 200 pages, we cross the most beautiful mountain passes in Austria and, after a detour into the Slovenian Alps, descend to the Mediterranean coast near Trieste in Italy. That the production conditions en route were not exactly ideal had absolutely no negative impact on “CURVES Austria“ – quite the contrary in fact: we always have to fight a little with the weather when we’re up in the mountains and you need lots of patience and love for the Alps to get the best views – but it was worth it!

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  • Soulful driving, Ihr CURVES-Team