Hamburg may have the highest density of Porsches in Germany – but for the first German edition of “Luftgekühlt”, it was obviously a little too cold in the Hanseatic city for the Californian organisers of the event. This means that the debut of the Porsche fan festival will now be held in Porsche’s home country on 16 September 2018 in Munich. After the team of organisers headed up by Patrick Long were met with a torrential downpour at the first English-speaking Luftgekühlt event at the end of July, everyone is now hoping for the blue/white weather that is typical of Bavaria. And of course there are even more arguments that make Munich virtually unbeatable as a venue – recently declared by “Monocle“ as the world’s greatest city to live in, the pace of life here is as relaxed and laid back as nowhere else, unless perhaps in Venice Beach. The winding country roads surrounding the city are just perfect for driving around in a Porsche. And the most spectacular Alpine roads in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy are hardly more than a two-hour drive away. And did we mention that Munich also offers us here at Curves a wonderful base? We are looking forward to a local event with as many “soulful drivers” as possible in their air cooled sports cars. 


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