INSIDE THE BLOCK announced today that it is raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign to accomplish their project of unique automotive models inspired on the iconic Porsche 911. The company set out to raise €20.000 on Kickstarter to produce the first series of their custom made models.

  • The INSIDE THE BLOCK project began in Munich, born from the fascination of two friends for the classic Porsche 911. Both designers, with experience in the automotive industry, "wanted to capture the essence of the most iconic car". Presented in three series; Single Colour, Legends and Custom Made (Your Own), every piece is designed together with the owner to last forever. The INSIDE THE BLOCK concept was built around the Michaelangelo’s phrase; "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it". Starting with a solid ABS block, every model is sculpted by a CNC machine. After being polished by hand, each model is painted with three layers of high quality automotive paint. Once dry, the graphics (if required) are precisely applied by hand and covered with a glossy coating. The finished model is packed/presented in a cork box which also represents the INSIDE THE BLOCK concept.

  • Check out the link to see the campaign preview: INSIDE THE BLOCK

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