Daniel Simon, who was previously a senior designer at Bugatti and the man who created the TRON Bike, is responsible for the bike’s design. For the Kodewa racing team from Greding in Bavaria, this was not the first vehicle it had developed under license to Lotus, but at least the first motorbike

  • Another member of this partnership is the Holzer Corporate Group located near Augsburg, where the C-01 is built and these photos were taken. The power is delivered by a 1,200 cc engine – a KTM RC8R (75⁰ V-twin). The low dry weight of 180kg was achieved by incorporating a lot of carbon fibre, titanium and aerospace quality steel, making the Lotus, which, according to test reports, delivers some 200 hp, a super fast designer bike. The bike, which will be produced in a small production series that will be limited to 100 units, is expected to cost €120,000 and apparently almost all of them have already been sold. Tobias Aichele from Premiummotorrad in Renningen is Europe’s exclusive distributor of Lotus bikes and made it possible for one example – ridden by Australian Troy Corser (two times Superbike World Champion) – to participate in a show run at the Glemseck 101 festival, competing against Italian Kawasaki test rider, Francesca Gasperi, riding an H2R with 310 hp