CURVES takes to the road in Malaysia. It feels like an alien planet, eons away from our headquarters in Munich, Germany. But maybe we are the alien planet, with our Alpine passes, annual average temperature of 10 degrees, average humidity of 75 percent. But maybe Malaysia is normal, with its jungle and oceans, average temperatures of over 28 degrees and almost 90% humidity. – You could argue one way or the other.

  • What is certain, however, is that CURVES would not have ventured to Malaysia without the warm reception afforded by a local welcoming committee. It simply wouldn’t have happened, or at least not as smoothly and organically, without their enthusiastic support. – We had no sooner covered many hundreds of kilometers on German roads in this old, complicated and beautiful country we call home when we suddenly found ourselves in Kuala Lumpur. On the bright side of the moon. This was a sweet shock to the system. Our internal clock went haywire, as did any sense of direction. We were on the other side of the world, light years away from the normal CURVES way of life – whatever normal actually means.

    In a situation like this, you need someone who will hold your hand and take your pulse. Someone to guide you gently into a strangely crazy world which, just a few moments later, already feels as if you’ve arrived. And indeed we have. CURVES has made it to Malaysia.Once your resting heart rate levels off at a smooth idle speed, you start to take stock of this other reality in a foreign time zone, on a different latitude and longitude, as you plunge down a narrow asphalt track into a Southeast Asian jungle behind a Porsche Speedster, while to the left and right a magical jungle closes in around you. You realize with amazement that this is a moment that seems strangely familiar to you. You know it well. It is the same whether you’re in Munich, Germany, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or anywhere else. This moment is called joy. Pure, radiant joy. A genuine lust for life. Discovering what’s coming as you take your next breath. The Porsche community celebrates this feeling all over the world. Of course we have known this for a long time, but we are still surprised when we stumble across this universal rejoicing. That’s an indication of how forgetful we are.

  • So, we need to say some thank you’s. Thanks to “Porsche Asian Pacific” for their incredible support and hospitality and for making this happen. Thanks to Porsche Malaysia, the brilliant Winston and the entire Kuala Lumpur crew. Thanks also to Porsche Club Malaysia. Also a hearty shout-out to the “911 Rebels”, a high five to our “Renndrive” friends, who drove down from Thailand to Malyasia to spend more time with us on the road. Thanks for all your friendship and enthusiasm and for making us feel at home at the end of our world. Thanks for the wild times, the beauty and the colors. Thank you for showing us what Soulful Driving really means.