CURVES Switzerland. What magical a reunion with this unique country in the heart of Europe, which is always been synonymous with “the mountains” and, more especially, with “Gran Turismo” – crossing the mountains between north and south in an exercise in which the route itself becomes the reward. This edi-tion of CURVES doesn’t follow the familiar route so beloved by most motorists, but instead takes in almost the whole of Switzerland. It takes us from the Stilfser Joch on the border with Austria and Italy down to the extreme southwest on the Great-Saint Bernard Pass. Our tour is divided into five lively stages, each of which has its own challenges, individual charms and character. A classic theme for all passionate travelers, we relive the great routes of Switzerland in this issue. For CURVES this is a little bit of a homecoming. After all, Switzerland was not only the inspiration for the creation of this magazine, now providing content for CURVES for the third time, but also a favorite destination for our readers. Join us on this trip between Graubünden and Vaud, Bern and Ticino. Discover the undying heroes of the Gotthard, Grimsel and Stelvio Passes. Come with us to Switzerland. Grüezi and Bun Viadi! Happy Soulful Driving.