The guys from Cool & Vintage in Lisbon not only offer honest cars at fair prices, they have also turned the dealer video into a fine art. How do young Portuguese girls spend their evenings after work? They drive their Land Rover pickups to the beach, slip off their khaki shorts from their brown legs, take their surfboards from the back of the pickup, dive into the water and end the end the day with a few perfect waves. That at least is what the producer of the film would have us believe and they have been delighting the car fans with their short clips for some time now. What are we doing here in cold central Europe when life on the Atlantic coast can be so great? The right car to match the perfect lifestyle, that’s what we learn from the final credits, can be had of course from Cool & Vintage in Lisbon.

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  • Ricardo Silva is a specialist for Land Rover and the “petrolhead” behind the successful project. A friend of his who used to make films for the fashion industry is responsible for the artistically produced video clips. He has a list of the telephone numbers of quite a number of professional models, who are quite happy to sit behind the wheel of a Vintage car after work. In addition to various Land Rover and Range Rover Classic cars in absolutely superb condition, the portfolio of cars offered by Cool & Vintage include other genuine classic cars – ranging from the S-Class from the 70s to the Lancia Delta Integrale and Ferrari 328 GTS. What convinces the buyers, however, is not just the wide range of cars available, but also the unpretentious and honest manner of the owners. This is because the cars are not targeted to investors and millionaire collectors, but to genuine “car guys“, who would love to finally have their own dream car – and one in impeccable quality.

  • c) Stefan Bogner, Jan Baedeker, Cool & Vintage