Porsche has made car history with sports cars that are as simple as they are brilliant. The Zuffenhausen State of Mind became a global phenomenon, however, only through the millions of loyal drivers and fans, each of whom in a very personal way has made a small contribution to the great Porsche legend. With its video magazine “9:11“, Porsche is now focusing the camera on its most active brand ambassador – and in so doing lets the previously unknown heroes have their say. 

The documentary video series, of which six single-theme episodes with different protagonists have been released to date, has succeeded in capturing in wonderful images the diversity of the worldwide Porsche community with authentic profiles and telling entertaining stories that are full of passion for engineering, design, sport and history.  In a recent episode, which focuses on the subject of “nostalgia“, one is somewhat amazed on hearing the moving story of the Reimann brothers, who fulfilled their dream in the GDR of owning a Porsche. One accompanies the Hollywood star and racing driver Patrick Dempsey, as he experiences the raw beauty of the North Sea at the wheel of a classic Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Touring on Sylt. And one can also step into Hans-Peter Porsche‘s nostalgic “Dream Factory“ – an absolutely incredible collection of traditional children’s toys. And there is Don our favorite Clip of the new episode.

  • And even if we are taken back the great moments in racing history and the high points of sports car construction during the episodes that last 9 minutes and 11 seconds, it is the very personal Porsche stories that one remembers most at the end of the hour-long Binge Watching Session. When, for example, Dr. Eric Brandenburg, a doctor from northern Germany in the broadest Hamburg dialect explains the meaning of life at the wheel of a 911 rally car he has beefed up himself and is complaining at the same time that society is oversaturated with people who do nothing else but clean their cars, while in the background that wonderful song “Calm me Down”, sung by Ben Cocks sets the mood, it has a quality that one very rarely finds in brand promotion films. That Porsche in its video magazine “9:11“ has given pride of place to its most passionate aficionados with their unshaven faces and rough edges is a signal that they have realised that a global brand like Porsche shines brightest when the creativity and passion of the community is included.

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