Once the Gotthard was with its pass height of 2107 m.ü.M. as an insurmountable obstacle and the bridge over the Schöllenenschlucht as a work of the devil. Whoever takes the easy way through the Gotthard tunnel today, can hardly imagine this

The “Großglockner”, Austria’s highest mountain with 3,789 m, is one of the most important summits of the Eastern Alpes – and not only because he is so important for alpine tourism. Already at the end of the 18th Century, he has been explored and nobody less than Arch Bishop Salm-Reiffenscheidt-Krautheim was the first to ascent in 1800.

Für alle Sportwagenfans, die öfter mal das Fernweh packt! Wenn Sie schon immer davon geträumt haben, einmal mit Ihrem Sportwagen über Alpenpässe und Bergstraßen zu jagen, wird Cars & Curvesbei Ihnen für feuchte Hände sorgen.

Motorists, motorbike riders and racing cyclists dream of these mountain curves as the ultimate challenge.Of all the Alpine passes, the Stelvio Pass is perhaps the most revered.

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Gregor Kalender Award als bester Verlagskalender und Gold in der Kategorie Länder und Regionen

The summer months in the Alps are traditionally the busiest on the passes – but visually, wintertime in the mountains holds a far greater appeal.

The new book biology about the supercar of the 90´s. Bilingual in german and english.

“Are you crazy?“ is one of the more friendly comments on hearing of our plan to cross all the major passes of the Alps in four days.

We worked a year on this epic book. Now available. The 918 Spyder triology.

Iceland still fascinates us - the journey last year was a highlight. This time we extended our route ...

20 breathtaking kilometres and a maximum dose of adrenaline - on the world‘s most demanding racing circuit, knowledge of the track is perhaps your best life insurance policy.